Exclusive Grooves.Com
How do I use the search on exclusivegrovoes? When searching for records it's best to keep your searches as short as possible. We suggest try searching by artist name only, our search engine is very character sensitive so just an apostrophe or explanation point can keep you from finding the music your looking for.

What is a record pool? A record pool is a organization of professional disc jockeys. Record pools are another avenue record labels utilize to promote & brand their music.

Exclusive Grooves, what is it all about? The Exclusive Grooves Record Pool distributes music to various djs and tastemakers at radio stations, nightclubs, and concert events worldwide. For this service, DJ's pay a monthly fee and report feedback of the songs to the record pool either through charts, pictures, and/or street reports. Exclusive Grooves is all about supplying tastemakers with the new music first!!!

Do I have to be a professional Dj? All djs must pass a screening process. You must be an active dj, clubs, radio, tours, etc., no bedroom dj's.

What are my responsibilities? You must submit your charts and feedback regularly & pay your monthly dues.

When & How Do I Pay? Currently, record pool dues are $50 a month. We accept cash payments at all So.Cal Stacks Vinyl locations or online through paypal.

What is the standard mp3 bitrate? Our standard is 160 to 192, but there are a handful of exceptions. Many online record pools convert tracks with low bit rates and re-encode them at a higher bit rate in an attempt to deceive their members. We do not modify the original MP3s bit-rate. We guarantee that our tracks are serviced the way we get them from the labels.

How much music do I get a month? Exclusive Grooves Record Pool offers more new music than ANY online record pool! Our staff works overtime to provide you with the most comprehensive promo library in the game. We offer the most instrumentals, acapellas, cleans, and explicit edits. As a pool member you have 24/7 access to OVER 2,000 new titles each month including: 8-Bar intros & outros, thousands of exclusive remixes and dj edits, and one of the largest selections of reggae, electro, and mashups you'll find anywhere!

How Do I Submit Music? Music can be submitted to Exclusive Grooves in Mp3 format by emailing it to mp3@exclusivegrooves.com (Please make sure you send instrumental, radio, and dirty versions)

What makes ExclusiveGrooves.com, "The Most Dj Friendly Site On the Internet?" The Exclusive Grooves website was engineered to be dj friendly and easy to use so that our dj's can find the music they are looking for fast and efficiently. Our site was built with functionality similar to itunes so that tracks can be arranged by artist, title, and bpm (beats per minute).

How do I preview an mp3, how do I download?
To preview click the 'listen' link to the right of the track name.
To download, click 'save.'

Is it true that e-grooves now offers music videos?
Yes, Exclusive Grooves now offers music videos to all record pool members no additional charge. All videos are .mp4 format and are DVD or HD quality.

How do I request an mp3? Looking for an something and cant find it? Make your request here (request@exclusivegrooves.com)

I just paid my dues, how long do I have to wait? All paypal payments are processed by hand, by Real People who work real office hours @ Stacks headquarters in Los Angeles, California (pacific coast standard time). If your application has not yet been approved, please allow 24-48 hours for processing.

I'm having difficulties logging into the site, what do I do?
If you are having difficulties logging on to the site email us the
error message you displayed when you attempt to log-in to support@exclusivegrooves.com, and a representative will contact you immediately. Most log-in issues can usually be resolved with one email =)

Where can I find the Electro & House music? The latest Electro and House can be found in the Mashups/Alt Genre.

Where can I find pop records? If you have been wondering where to find Pop Records, they can be found in the lougin genre. Props to DJ Prince Ice of "The World Famous Wakeup Show" for pointing out that they are hard to find ;)